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Le Doux Custom Leather Photo Gallery

A set of custom Lightbar Fringes by LeDoux Custom Leather adds style to this Harley-Davidson. We created a color scheme for this FLH that complimented the paint colors. The customer even wanted to fringe out the side-car to match,which offers a unique, custom look to his bike. Call LeDoux Custom Leather to create custom, top quality custom leather fringes for your FLH.

Remember when?........Le Doux Custom Leather reproduced mudflaps circa 1940's style for a customer with a nostalgic custom-built motorcycle.

Shown is a Large mudflap applied to the front fender on a Harley Davidson with a set of LeDoux Custom Leather Footboard Fringes to match. LeDoux Custom Leather can accessorize your motorcycle to compliment any paint scheme.

LeDoux Custom Leather has created items to enhance your business as well! We can place business names or logos on a product of your choice. These items can be sold to your customers, given as incentives, or for advertising purposes. This is a great way to keep your business on the minds of your customers. LeDoux Custom Leather offers quality custom belts, keyfobs, and coasters for this purpose, just to name a few. In fact, just about anything LeDoux Custom Leather creates can be customized to include your business name or logo. Bring or fax your idea and a copy of your logo to LeDoux Custom Leather and we'll create a unique customized custom leather accessory that you'll be proud to distribute to your clientele!

A custom engine guard cover shows the chrome off through diamond cutouts.

Rifle Case Custom
LeDoux Custom Leather can make a case that is either one-piece with a flap-over top, or a two piece case that has a tongue-and-buckle closure. You can choose any color of hide for your rifle case. We have made cases for safari hunters and backyard woodsmen alike. The custom rifle cases you see in this picture were created from an elephant hide that one of our customers acquired while on safari in Africa. CALL FOR PRICING.